Wednesday, February 23, 2005

With the lift-off T-bucket body removed, those gorgeous megaphone pipes are revealed in all their glory. Reportedly, the auditory effect was as stunning as the visual. Posted by Hello


Blogger Daniel Kalbach said...

I had the Great Pleasure of HEARING Scotty's "megaphone-equipped roadster at the Colton, California Dragstrip in the late 50's. Colton had a Eucalyptus Windbreak running parallel to the track which sort of "funneled" the sound. The resulting "bellow" was UNBELIEVABLE. It took me another 30 years to "Find" a set of heads,which the Markley Brothers delivered to me at Bonneville in the Eighties. I wish someone would have recorded that memorable night.

Dan Kalbach

3:23 PM  

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